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Positions and Views of John R. Alsup
on List of Issues
Previous Candidate for State Representative District 65, Missouri
Party: Missouri Libertarian Party
Phone: 636-925-8308
Address: 300 Gum Tree Dr
St Charles, MO 63301
John R. Alsup's positions and views on the issues:
Links are only provided where we have information. The first link is a report of all issues and questions made available to the candidates.
Issues Questions
Reasons & Objectives  
  Why I Am Running for Public Office
  Goals If Elected
  Achievements If Elected
  Areas to Concentrate On
  On Entering Public Service
Homeland Security  
  Missouri Security from Terror Attack, a General Statement
  Making Missouri More Secure
  Missouri National Guard in the Department of Homeland Security vs. Defense
  Missouri Local First Responders Federal Funding
  Missouri Airport Security
  Missouri Rail Security
  Missouri Border Security
  Missouri Port Security
  Missouri Development Finance Board
  Missouri Economy, a General Statement
  Stimulating Missouri's Economy
  Missouri Trade with Other Countries, a General Statement
  Barriers to Missouri Goods in Other Countries
  Protective Tariffs for Missouri Goods
  Missouri Professions
  Missouri Corporations and Franchises
  Missouri Business, a General Statement
  Missouri's Small Businesses
  Missouri Business Tax Incentives
  Missouri Real Estate
  Missouri Credit And Banking
  Missouri Tax Credits
  Missouri Homestead Tax
  Missouri Tax Exemptions
  Missouri Taxes, a General Statement
  Missouri Sales Tax
  Missouri Property Taxes
  Missouri Dams and Reservoirs
  Missouri Sewers
  Missouri's Environment, a General Statement
  Global Warming, Climate Change
  Kyoto Protocol
  Missouri State Parks
  Missouri Greenhouse-gas Emission Limits
  Missouri Clean Air and Water
  Missouri's Land, Rivers and Lakes
  Missouri Recycling and Trash
  Missouri's Toxic Waste
  Missouri's Invasive Species
  Missouri's Endangered Species
  Missouri Natural Gas
  Missouri Green Power Initiative
  Missouri Energy, a General Statement
  Missouri Energy Efficiency Standards
  Renewable Energy
  Alternate Energy Development
Gas & Oil  
  Oil and Gasoline, a General Statement
  Missouri Fuel Economy Standards
  Oil Company Profits
  Hybrid and All Electric Cars
  Missouri Transportation, a General Statement
  Missouri Highway Congestion
  Missouri Driver's Licenses
  Missouri Motor Vehicles And Inspections
  Missouri Roads and Highways
  Missouri Highway Safety
  High-occupancy Lanes
  Driver Safety Measures
  Missouri Drunk Driving
  Missouri Rail Transportation
  Missouri Air Travel
  Off-road Vehicles
  Missouri Bikes and Pedestrians
  Missouri Immigration, a General Statement
  Missouri Social Services to Illegal Immigrants
  Using Missouri National Guard Troops to Secure Mexican Border
  Beefing Up the Missouri Border Patrol
  Federal Enforcement of Immigration Laws
  Illegal Immigration as a Felony
  Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants in US
  Local Enforcement of Immigration Laws
  Criminalize Assistance to Illegal Immigrants
  Guest Worker Program
  Undocumented Immigrants in US
  Electronic Verification System for Employers
  Legal Status for Undocumented Farm Workers
  Legal Status for Children of Undocumented Immigrants Born in US
  Legal Residency for Immigrant Youth
  Missouri School Boards
  Missouri Public School Property
  Missouri Physical Education
  Missouri School Behavior and Discipline
  Missouri Virtual and Home Schooling
  Missouri Education, a General Statement
  Improving Missouri Education
  Missouri Higher Education
  Federal Funding of Missouri Private Schools
  Missouri Standardized Testing
  No Child Left Behind Act, a General Statement
  No Child Left Behind Act Missouri Federal Funding Level
  Missouri Standards for Teachers
  Junk Food Vending Machines in Missouri Public Schools
  Private School Vouchers
  Charter Schools
  Teacher Tenure in Missouri Public Schools
  Missouri Special Education
  Teaching Evolution and Intelligent Design
  Teaching of Sex Education and Birth Control Options
  Teacher Selection of Textbooks
  Religion in Public Schools
  Under God in the Pledge of Allegiance"
  Missouri Student Loans, and Scholarships
  Missouri Tax Credits for Tuition Costs
  Local Control Over Education
  Achievement Gap between Boys and Girls
  Title IX 'Equal Opportunities for Girls'
  Home Schooling
  School Safety
  Missouri's Average Classroom Size
  Computers in Missouri Schools
  Missouri Nurses and Doctors' Assistants
  Missouri Employees' Health
  Missouri Midwifery
  Missouri Emergency Medical Treatment
  Missouri Assistance to Disabled Citizens
  Missouri Health, a General Statement
  Improving Missouri Health Care
  Reducing Health Care Costs
  Missouri Children's Health Care
  Missouri Obesity
  Missouri Drug Addiction
  Missouri Smoking
  Missouri Mental Health Care
  Missouri Nursing Homes, Hospices and Assisted Living
  Missouri Medicine, a General Statement
  Improving Missouri Medical Facilities
  Attracting Doctors and Medical Care Providers
  Missouri Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Limitations
  Missouri Medical Malpractice Damage Caps
Medical Insurance  
  Health Insurance, a General Statement
  Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
  Missouri Medically Uninsured or Underinsured
  Missouri Business Tax Credits for Employee Health Coverage
  State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
  Missouri Consumers, a General Statement
  Missouri Consumer Fraud and Protection
  Missouri Telemarketing
Prescription Drugs  
  Missouri Prescription Drugs, a General Statement
  New Federal Medicare Drug Benefit
  Importing Prescription Drugs
  Missouri Negotiating Pharmaceutical Prices
  Missouri Regulating Drug Advertising, Like Cigarettes and Alcohol
  Missouri State Pensions, a General Statement
  Missouri Pension Reform
  Missouri Welfare, a General Statement
  Improving Missouri Welfare System
  Missouri Real Estate Sales
  Missouri Housing, a General Statement
  Missouri Rental Housing Support
  Missouri Housing Affordability
  Missouri Building Codes
Illegal Drugs  
  Missouri Drug Testing
  Missouri Drug Possession
  Missouri Illegal Drugs, a General Statement
  Metamphetamines in Missouri
  Marijuana, a General Statement
  Missouri Medical Use of Marijuana
  Missouri Legalization of Marijuana
  Alcohol, a General Statement
  Selling Alcohol To Minors in Missouri
  Missouri Drunk Driving, Breath Tests and Alcohol-Related Crimes
  Missouri Liquor Licenses
  Missouri Underage Drinking
  Cigarettes, a General Statement
  Missouri Restrictions on Smoking
  Missouri Fraud
  Missouri Law Enforcement
  Missouri Theft
  Missouri DNA Profiling
  Missouri Crime, a General Statement
  Reducing Crime in Missouri
  Missouri Hate Crime
  Missouri Sex-related Crimes
  Missouri Crimes Against Children
  Missouri Child Abuse And Neglect
  Missouri Domestic Violence
  Missouri Rape
  Missouri Youth and Gang Crime
  Missouri Jurisprudence
  Missouri Judges
  Missouri Courts, a General Statement
  Missouri Judicial Discretion in Sentencing
  Missouri Activist Judges Legislating from the Bench
  Court Costs
  Missouri Public Defender Services
  Missouri Criminal Justice System, a General Statement
  Missouri Prisons
  Missouri Minority Incarceration
  Missouri Voting Rights for X-Felons
  Missouri Privacy Rights
  Missouri Death Penalty
  Missouri Guns, a General Statement
  Missouri Ban on Assault Weapons Purchases
  Missouri Gun Control Legislation
  Citizens Bearing Arms
  Missouri Guns for Hunting and Sport
  Missouri Gun Permits
  Carrying Concealed Pistol
Civil Rights  
  Missouri Civil Rights and Liberties, a General Statement
  Women's Issues
  Missouri Persons with Disabilities
  Missouri Property Rights vs. Civil Rights
  Missouri Privacy
  National Security Agency (NSA) Electronic Surveillance of US Citizens
  National Security Agency (NSA) Collection of US Phone Records
  Gay Rights, a General Statement
  Homosexuality as a Choice or Genetics
  Missouri Gay Marriage
  Missouri State Constitutional Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment
  Missouri Equal Legal Rights for Domestic Partnerships
  Missouri Civil Unions
  Missouri Legislation for Hate Crimes
  Gays Serving in the Military
Afro Americans  
  Afro-Americans, a General Statement
  Racial Profiling
  Latino Americans, a General Statement
Native Americans  
  Native Americans, a General Statement
  Taxes on Native Americans
  Native American Children
  Missouri Abortion, a General Statement
  Right to Life, a General Statement
  Missouri Criminalizing Crossing State Lines for Abortions
  Missouri Parental Notification
  Pro-Life and Pro-Choice
  Roe v. Wade
  The Morning After Pill (Plan B)
  Partial-birth Abortions
  Missouri Abortion for Rape and Incest
  Missouri Adoption
Stem Cell  
  Missouri Stem Cell Research, a General Statement
  Missouri Stem-cell Research for Medical Advancements
  Missouri Using Embryos in Stem Cell Research
  Cloning, a General Statement
  Animal Cloning
  Human Cloning
  Values, a General Statement
  Missouri Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
  Family, a General Statement
  Family Values
  Indecency in the Media
  Missouri Gay Marriage
  Media Violence and Sex
  Missouri Child Care
  Missouri Foster Care
  Missouri Adoption Assistance
  Missouri Child Custody and Support
  Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
  Religion, a General Statement
  Religious Expression in Missouri Public Schools
  Separation of Church and State
  Evolution vs. Intelligent Design
  Faith-based Initiative Funding
  Ordination of Gay Clergy
  Ordination of Women Clergy
  Patriotism, a General Statement
  Desecration of Flag Constitutional Amendment
  Display and Burning of Flag
  Gambling, a General Statement
  Missouri Lottery
  Missouri Firefighters
  Missouri Local Governments
  Missouri State Government and Agencies, a General Statement
  Missouri Seizing Property by Eminent Domain
  Missouri Government Reform, a General Statement
  Missouri Lobbying Reform
  Missouri Influence of Special Interests
  Missouri Campaign Spending Limits
  Missouri Campaign Contribution Limits
  Missouri Public Funding of Political Campaigns
  Missouri Soft-money Political Contributions
  Missouri Reform of Redistricting (Gerrymandering)
  Missouri Voting and Election Reform
  Missouri Regulatory Relief and Reform
Fiscal Policy  
  Missouri Fiscal Policy, a General Statement
  Missouri Budget
  Missouri Balanced Budget
  Missouri State Spending
Legal Reform  
  Missouri Legal Reform, a General Statement
  Missouri Product Liability Reform
  Missouri Class Action Reform
  Missouri Bankruptcy Reform
  Missouri Medical Malpractice Reform
  Missouri Jobs, a General Statement
  Missouri Job Growth
  Missouri Quality of Jobs
  Affirmative Action
  Missouri Mine Safety and Health
  Foreign Outsourcing
  Missouri Child Labor
  Missouri Occupational Safety and Health
  Missouri Unemployment Insurance
  Missouri Workers Benefits
  Missouri Employment Discrimination
  Employer-Employee Relations
Organized Labor  
  Missouri Unions, a General Statement
  Organized Labor in Missouri
  Declining Percent of Unionized Workers
  Collective Bargaining
  Missouri Wages, a General Statement
  Missouri Minimum Wage
  Missouri Wage Gap between Rich and Poor
  Missouri Wage Gap between Men and Women
  Military, a General Statement
  Missouri Military Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC Commission)
  Missouri Reservists and National Guard
  Missouri Military Families
  Gays in the Military
  Veterans, a General Statement
  Veterans' Beneifts
Public Service  
  Missouri Volunteers
  Public Service, a General Statement
  Missouri Science, a General Statement
  Missouri Science Research and Development
  Missouri Broadband
  Missouri Technology, a General Statement
  Missouri Technology Research and Development
  Missouri Technology Regulation
  Safety of Technological Products
  Missouri Telecommunications
  Internet, a General Statement
  Internet Gambling
  Internet Neutrality
  Missouri Taxing Internet Purchases
  Internet Pornography
  Digital Rights Management
  Missouri Irrigation
  Missouri Farm Mentoring and Education
  Missouri Poultry, Meat and Dairy Farming
  Missouri Farming Miscellaneous
  Missouri Agriculture, a General Statement
  Missouri Farm Subsidies
  Farm Crop Supports
  Farm Corporation Subsidies
  Food, a General Statement
  Genetically Engineered Food
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